Hölkkä® WOMEN’S Resistance bands


The resistance levels of the high-quality resistance bands were designed and developed to suit many types of exercise. You can increase the diversity of your training by switching in the optimal resistance band for each workout.

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Select the bands with the ideal resistance levels for you:

  • Light, yellow marking (resistance level less than 1.5 kg): Suitable for supporting rehabilitation.
  • Medium, red marking (resistance level approx. 2 kg): Suitable for enhancing daily walking, jogging and running exercises, mobility and muscle workouts, stair and hill training, and rehabilitative exercise. The most popular resistance level due to its versatility!
  • Heavy, green marking (resistance level approx. 3 kg): Suitable for short-term intensified training, such as HIIT, stair workouts and hill training. Those with strong and healthy upper body musculature can use this band for brisk walking, jogging and running.

PLEASE NOTE! Select the resistance bands according to the size of your Hölkkä® training vest.


  • Stepless length adjustment
  • Contain a magnet to which the elbow strap magnet can be attached
  • Colour: Black, with colour indicators for the different levels
  • Contain natural rubber, hand wash at 30°C

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