Hölkkä training vest experiences

“Through my work, I know that exercise and muscle strength training play a very important role in the prevention and treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders. Based on my own experience, I can recommend the Hölkkä training vest as an easy and safe way for upper body resistance training and strengthening for most walking and jogging enthusiasts.”

Ulla Peltoniemi
Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology

“Highly recommended! Many sports and forms of exercise can benefit greatly from a more seamless link between the upper limbs, mid-body area and lower limbs. The Hölkkä vest helps to identify to ensure a more rhythmic and effective flow of motion.”

Tiia Hautala
Physiological Trainer

“The Hölkkä vest improves my running posture, diversifies my training, and supports my muscle and mobility workouts. I can recommend the Hölkkä vest for training and rehabilitation purposes!”

Pia Nykänen
Physiotherapist and Wellness Coach

The Hölkkä vest supports the posture in a suitable way and the resistance bands give actually quite a lot of resistance. Within a week, I have noticed already an increase of arm power. Finally, I have found a product that gives an opportunity to use upper body muscles during a walk.

Juha Koivunen
Father of young children

I have been using the Hölkkä vest in a recovery phase of shoulder surgery and found it extremely useful. I cannot do Nordic walking because it is causing a pound to my shoulders, but by using the Hölkkä vest the resistance is smooth to arm muscles. I would warmly recommend it to support rehabilitation phases.

Recovering from a shoulder surgery

My motivation for outdoor exercises has increased by using the Hölkkä vest. Beforehand I wasn’t interested in Nordic walking at all. My neck and shoulders have been elastic, and I have been able to lose some weight.

Ulla Hakala